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pq art parts

PQ Art Parts is a collection of handmade 4K frames and transitions that add a pop of artful fun to your projects.

What is PQ Art Parts?


PQ Art Parts is a library of handmade transitions, a lot of frames for customizing the look of any layer, plus some useful elements like edges, individual brush strokes, bubbles and some lower thirds. Each Art-Part was lovingly painted, inked or sketched in multiples, shot in VERY high resolution, cleaned, then sequenced at either 12FPS or 24FPS. They’re designed to bring arty character to any layer in After Effects.

What do you do with PQ Art Parts?

Art Parts is designed primarily for Luma Mattes in After Effects, meaning you’ll add an Art-Part above the layer you’d like to be art-ified, se that layer to use it as a Luma Matte and boom, you’ve got an immediate hand-painted vibe. You can also make your own combo Mattes; for example, use any wipe-part along with a frame-part to animate in or out.

pq art parts so easy

What’s included?

There’s over 80 parts; transitions & Frames, plus a few miscellaneous parts like edges, brush stokes, think or speech bubbles, that you’ll definitely find useful & enjoy playing with. PQ Art Parts content defaults to either 12FPS or 24FPS, and this is easily changed by just interpreting footage in AE’s project panel. Each Part is encoded in Apple ProRes LT for quality & size efficiency. 16×9 content is 4K (3840×2160), but some stuff is square cropped for efficiency.

Please note that while an After Effects project file is included, the individual element movie files are included as well so they can be used directly in Premiere, FCP, Cinema 4D, AE CS6, etc.

It’s also intended to be complimentary to PQ Grit Kit, which is also super cool.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha