New: RE:Vision Effects DEFlicker v2 Now Available

re:vision effects DEFlicker

RE:Vision Effects has released a new version of DEFlicker, now offering 4 plug-ins: Highspeed, Timelapse, Auto-Levels and the new Rolling Bands, to solve problems with high frame rate and timelapse footage.

RE:Vision Effects DEFlicker

Your solution for problematic high frame rate and timelapse footage!

DEFlicker is designed to smooth out those annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high frame rate or timelapse video. DE:Flicker is unique because it not only fixes flicker from artificial light sources but also fixes flicker on multiple objects, even when those objects flicker at different rates. DE:Flicker also minimizes problems when shooting directly at light sources, causing them to “breathe” and change size when shot at higher frame rates.

What’s new in Version 2?

DEFlicker now comes with 4 plug-ins:

High-Speed when shooting with very high-speed shutter rates (which is always the case when shooting 240 FPS and over) causing artificial lighting to strobe.

Timelapse to handle flicker of video material with a lot of motion discontinuitie.

Auto-Levels to attenuate on long sequence the effect of automatic exposure but also to analyze and display your footage color over time and remove (fix/replace) bad frames in your sequence.

New in V2, a new plug-in called Rolling Bands to use in conjunction with High-Speed or by itself, that allows you to model and attenuate those annoying dark bands primarily caused by lighting and rolling shutter speed time synchronization issues.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha