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New: Serato Studio 2 is Now Available

serato studio 2

Serato Studio 2 is the the ultimate DAW for beat making and sample-based production.  And it’s the only DAW with built-in stem separation technology.  Isolate, flip, layer, and chop samples with Serato Studio’s modern, all-in-one workflow, to create entirely new masterpieces.

What’s new in Serato Studio 2?

Serato Studio is the fastest and most intuitive DAW for making beats.  Create album-quality beats easily with Studio’s new modern workflow, unrivaled sampling, and powerful new audio separation technology – purpose-built for beat makers.

Serato Stems

  • Real-time Vocal, Melody, Bass and Drum audio separation is now available in both the Sample and Audio Decks
  • Sample/Audio Deck waveforms dynamically update to reflect Stem state
  • A Serato Stem file will be saved next to the original audio location on disk when a project using Stems is saved
  • Stems can be soloed using Shift + clicking on the stems button you wish to solo
Serato Visualiser
  • Serato Visualiser is the new, free, audio-visual content tool designed to create visuals for producers on social media
  • Serato Visualiser can be accessed via the new Serato Studio ‘Export’ button on the main screen, or directly at
Guest Pass
  • Serato Studio users can now gift free months of Serato Studio to friends, and will receive a free month in return once redeemed by two friends
  • Guest Pass can be accessed on the Studio Welcome Screen, the Studio My Account dropdown or directly on their account profile :



Serato Studio

Serato Studio

The ultimate beat maker

Unlock your sound with Serato Studio, the fastest and most intuitive beat maker and the only DAW with stem separation technology built-in. Powered by the world's best sampling technology, Studio is packed with creative features to help you bring your musical ideas to life in lightning speed.

It’s never been easier to craft your own unique sound thanks to Studio’s renowned, sample-focused workflow and modern music tools (including Key Detection, Key Syncing, Play In Key mode and Autochords). With the press of a button you can lay out complex drum patterns, build booming basslines, and layer multiple instruments.

The game-changing addition of Serato Stems further unlocks creativity, allowing you to instantly separate stems from your samples and experiment with them to create new masterpieces.

In addition to Serato’s powerful technology like Pitch ‘n Time and Serato Stems, Studio has everything you’d expect in music production software—and more.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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