New/Update: Next Limit Maxwell v5 for Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD, formZ Now Available + v5.0.2 Updates

next limit maxwell 5.0.2 update

Next Limit has updated Maxwell for Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD and formZ to version 5.  Plus existing version 5 products also got a small update.

Maxwell Integrations

Maxwell 5 is seamlessly integrated in most of the major 3D/CAD software solutions such as Rhino, SketchUp, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max.  And now Next limit has added ArchiCAD, Cinema 4D and formZ to the list.

Maxwell Integrations offer an easy workflow which allow you to compose, edit and render your scenes from a simple toolbar inside your usual 3D application.

maxwell c4dWhat’s new in Maxwell | Cinema 4D v5.0


  • Added a button and menu option for Maxwell Cloud
  • Added a button to control the used GPUs for the GPU render engine.
  • New “Multilight group” property in the Maxwell material editor for emitters.


  • Maxwell Grass Initial Angle default value changed from 10º to 80º (so it points up as it should).
  • Now the plugin Help option opens the new Maxwell 5 documentation pages.
  • UI text “Quality” changed to “Engine” at the Render Engine popup selection.


  • Adding geometry while Fire was running could cause some missing triangles in the exported geometry.

Learn more about Maxwell | Cinema 4D


maxwell archicadWhat’s new in Maxwell | ArchiCAD v5.0


  • Added a button and menu option for Maxwell Cloud
  • Added a button to control the used GPUs for the GPU render engine.
  • Added a Multilight group parameter to Archicad light object parameters
  • Added a Multilight group parameter to Archicad materials when the Maxwell material mode is Emitter.


  • Help now opens the Maxwell V5 plugin documentation.


  • Now the plugin checks if there is a new version available
  • Archicad sometimes crashed when quitting if Fire was running on OSX.

Learn more about Maxwell | ArchiCAD


maxwell formzWhat’s new in Maxwell | formZ v5.0.2.3


  • The plugin now supports formZ 8 and formZ 9
  • Built for Maxwell


  • Added toolbar icons for launching the render to Maxwell, exporting to Studio (if installed), exporting to the Network and exporting to the Cloud (under Display Options > Maxwell)
  • Added multi-GPU support. You can now control the GPUs that will be used at render time from Extensions > Maxwell Render > System > Selected GPUs or from mxgpuprefs app in Maxwell’s installation folder.
  • Added Multilight Emitter Grouping of EMitter Lights and Emitter Materials via group names (Lights > Light Type > Parameters > Multilight Group).

Learn more about Maxwell | formZ


Updates to All Maxwell 5 Products

Maxwell Studio, as well as Maxwell for Rhino, Sketchup, Maya, and 3DS Max have also gotten a small update with v5.0.2.

Existing Maxwell 5 users can download the latest version from their Customer Portal for free.

To see what’s new, click the link below and then check out the details tab on the product of your choice.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha