New: vimager StyleX is Now Available + Special Intro Pricing

vimager stylex

vimager StyleX replaces Transfusion and is a video stylization tool with AI for After Effects and Premiere Pro.  Special intro pricing of 20% Off is also available through May 27, 2022.


StyleX is an advanced video stylization tool with AI technology, it can not only convert a footage to a cartoon with high quality, but also generate arbitrary stylized video in the style of a given image or video. With this tool, the user can effortlessly create creative stylized effects, e.g. cartoon, drawing, painting, halftone and many more.

To improve the visual effects of the generated cartoon, this plugin adopts the sophisticated AI-based method to analyze the structures, textures and colors in tens of thousands cartoon images in different styles. Hence, it can extract cartoon representations effectively, and obtain better perceptual quality.

With StyleX, users can also create arbitrary stylized video in the style of a given image or video. Thanks to the innovative neural network framework, this tool can process very high resolution video effectively with high quality and good temporal consistency.

Moreover, StyleX plugin is GPU accelerated for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and available for Mac and Windows.

The performance is highly dependent on GPU, and some old GPU cards (before 2012) are not supported. Please TRY it before purchase.

MSRP: $79.99 SALE: $65.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha