New: Waves Abbey Road RS124 Compressor Now Available + Sale Info

waves rs124 compressor

Give your music the sound of silky-smooth Abbey Road RS124 compression – the legendary velvety tones heard on every Beatles recording made at Abbey Road with the new Waves Abbey Road RS124 Compressor.  Get it now for only $39.99!

Waves Abbey Road RS124 Compressor

Cyber Monday Sale Extended: RS124 Compressor 80% OFF! Limited Time Only

With two distinct flavors to choose from, the Abbey Road RS124 Compressor classic tube model is the only software emulation of the ultra-rare RS124s, approved by Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road RS124 Compressor Highlights

  • Precise modeling of Abbey Road’s ultra-rare RS124 tube compressor
  • Silky-smooth tones for vocals, bass, drums, bus compression & mastering
  • Developed with Abbey Road Studios
  • Heard on every Beatles recording made at Abbey Road
  • The go-to creamy compression tone for classic recordings: From Paul McCartney’s bass to Beyoncé’s vocals
  • Two distinctive RS124 tube flavors included: “Studio” and “Cutter”
  • Super-Fuse mode added for more aggressive results
  • SC-HP, Mix knob and MS options included

MSRP: $199.00  SALE: $39.99

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Posted by Kim Sternisha