New: Waves Abbey Road Saturator from Legendary Abbey Road Studio

Waves Abbey Road Saturator

Waves Abbey Road Saturator

Waves Abbey Road Saturator

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Waves Abbey Road Saturator is a musical analog saturation & distortion from the legendary Abbey Road Studios

This new product from Waves brings the sound of classic tubes and transistors. In particular, it’s driven hard from subtle to extreme, and excited by the ultra-rare EMI TG12321. To put it another way, it’s a secret weapon of Abbey Road engineers.

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Top Features

  • Created in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.
  • The accurate recreation of crunchy tube & smooth solid-state analog saturation flavors.
  • The rare EMI TG12321 Compander excites the input pre-saturation. Markedly, this is a method pioneered by the 1st generation of Abbey Road pop engineers
  • Detailed pre- and post-gain EQ to shape the distortion character.
  • Phase knob dramatically alters the distortion sound.
  • Flexible control of the Compander’s crossover frequencies.
  • M/S processing allows distortion to affect just mid or just sides.
  • Mix control to blend the saturated/distorted signal with the original signal.
  • Finally, presets by Grammy®-winning producers & engineers Lu Diaz, Joe Barresi, Dave Pensado, many more.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki