New: Anzovin Studio Products Now Available!

New: Anzovin Studio Products Now Available!

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Anzovin Studio products to the Toolfarm Store!

Check out the new products that we have added to our store!

Anzovin Studio Breakdown Tool Box

A “pose-to-pose” approach to animation has become the best method to animate emotive CG characters, as CG animators learn to adapt technique from the rich history of traditional animation. Our Anzovin Breakdown Tool provides unique functionality for creating new “breakdown” poses in between the character's key poses, making pose-to-pose workflows fast and fluid.

Unlike other breakdown toolsets, Anzovin Breakdown Tool provides a live preview of your character as you work. It also completely avoids pesky gimble problems, using naturalistic quaternion interpretation instead of a harsh linear average. And it allows you to use the same interface to tweak existing poses as well as generate new ones.

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Anzovin Studio Onion Skinner

Anzovin Onion Skinner  is a plug-in for Maya that displays previous and subsequent frames of your animation “ghosted” over the current frame.

In traditional animation, you can draw a pose on tracing paper laid over other poses, which creates a visual preview of the motion. While this kind of functionality has been carried over into 2D animation tools like Flash, it's been notably absent from most CG animation workflows. CG animation makes you create poses “blind,” without any way to see the rest of your animation.

Anzovin Onion Skinner brings the power of true onion skinning to Maya — perfect for any animator using a pose-to-pose workflow.

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Anzovin Studio The Setup Machine for Games

The Setup Machine for Games brings the power of The Setup Machine to your in-game characters. Generate a flexible, modern character rig in minutes that will output to any game engine that supports FBX. TSMG can save you days or weeks of work. TSMG rigs make animation fun instead of frustrating — with stretchy limbs, anti-IK pop, smart IK/FK switching, and more! If you ever realize that your rig isn’t exactly the way you want it to be, you can go back to TSMG’s widget stage, reposition the widgets as needed, and then re-rig — TSMG will preserve all of your weight painting. Do you want to be able to work with your mocap data more effectively? Transfer it onto your TSMG rig, and you can tweak and finesse to your heart's content. TSMG is also designed to bake down to a simple skeleton with a single click. Export to FBX, and you’re ready to bring your character into any modern game engine.

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Posted by Spencer Knuttila