New: Cebas finalRender trueHybrid™ is Now Available – Expanding the power of CPU to GPU

New: Cebas finalRender trueHybrid™ is Now Available – Expanding the power of CPU to GPU

finalRender is the first and only CPU+GPU light simulation solution to offer trueHybrid™ processing technology for the photo-real renderings of 3D scenes. Users can also experience the power of unlimited network rendering.

trueHybrid™ Rendering Core Overhaul expanding the power of CPU to GPU.

finalRender for 3ds Max is the perfect choice for 3d artists and studios seeking the maximum in image quality and photo-realism, all without the hassle of experiencing a brain melt when setting up scenes for rendering!

finalrenderfinalRender is like a photographer’s dream come true. Creating light in the picture as a collection of electromagnetic waves, and a true unbiased renderer without compromise, finalRender trueHybrid™ achieves delicate realism with image and color generation based on real world physics.

finalRender is the new breed of light simulation software offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation not found in any other renderer for 3ds Max. trueHybrid means that it does not matter if you create photo real images on a CPU, on a GPU or both at the same time.

We are confident [that] we now have created the foundation of a totally new image creation and rendering experience we can build on for years to come!
-Edwin Braun, CEO of cebas Visual Technology.

What's New

  • New Analytical Probability Anti Aliasing – This new anti-aliasing feature delivers ease of use and overall high quality; all with blazing rendering speeds.
  • finalRender frame-buffer – This dedicated frame-buffer offers realtime exposure control while rendering an image, an unlimited easy-to-access render history, and more.
  • Enhanced Global illumination algorithms
  • 100% unbiased path tracing based on a real world spectral wavelength light transport model
  • fR AreaLight – Setting up lights and changing light setups becomes as simple as clicking one button on your mouse.
  • And more!

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trueHybrid™ technology

finalRender represents a major breakthrough in bringing the industry's latest rendering technology to 3ds Max. It's the first renderer for 3ds Max to offer a comprehensive, true Hollywood quality rendering engine that works on pure GPU horsepower or pure CPU, as well as both technologies at the same time. finalRender's trueHybrid™ technology allows the user to experience all the power within ONE application. There is no need to use a different renderer method or secondary application to achieve the same outstanding results.

finalRender uses strict unbiased true Physically Based Spectral Rendering offering unmatched image quality and realism in 3ds Max. Based on NVIDIA's latest CUDA technology, fR is highly optimized and overcomes many of the limitations found in other GPU-only or simple hybrid rendering approaches. finalRender simulates light like it appears in the real world – replicating electromagnetic wavelengths, providing physically correct and accurate results.

Spectral Rendering is not restricted to rendering within the spectrum of human vision. Spectral rendering can calculate all kinds of wavelength data, such as exposure to UVs, radiative heating, and much more. Which means greater control and more creative freedom.

Unbiased path-tracing rendering methods offer many benefits when creating photorealistic imagery, however, the time it takes to render such images are considerably longer than with biased rendering methods, especially if you are rendering without a dedicated GPU hardware. In order to resolve this, cebas finalRender introduces a trueHybrid™ rendering to enable a transparent and effortless blend between all existing rendering worlds, without compromise. In the case of unbiased path-tracing, what this means is that finalRender offers a combined CPU/GPU rendering mode that will leverage the power of all available processor units, be it any CPU core or any GPU core, to render an image in a truly unbiased, scientifically-accurate path-tracing method.

With calculated realism and greater accuracy comes less work, less reiterations and saves production time and money.


Rendering Core Overhaul – System Requirements

finalRender is fully optimized for photo-realistic rendering on the latest Intel® processors with support for SSE4, AVX, AVX2, AVX512 . finalRender supports runtime code selection to choose the best possible algorithms matching the instruction set of your CPU. Due to the fact that finalRender is a high performance 64-Bit movie quality renderer, a latest 64-Bit Operating System and Intel compatible processors will be required to successfully operate finalRender. Intel's Hyperthreading technology, along with optimized support for systems with more than 64 cores per CPU, offers combined, unmatched rendering power to users.

Unlimited Network or GPU Rendering Subscription Offered for the first time

finalRender offers an optional unlimited network rendering license which is the cost of ONE single workstation license, only. Tap into the power of unlimited network rendering. finalRender is now offered as a yearly subscription only. The unlimited rendering options can be added to the main workstation license.

  1. Workstation License; one year subscription
    This is the interactive license to work with finalRender on a workstation. It includes all the updates and new releases within a paid subscription term. One workstation license allows you to use an unlimited (operating system permitting) amount of CPU cores available within a single workstation. In addition to the CPU cores; a maximum of 2 CUDA GPU devices can be used (in addition to your display device), installed or attached to, the same workstation.
  2. Unlimited Network Rendering License; one year subscription
    To enable unlimited network rendering with finalRender, add this license to an existing interactive workstation license. When doing so, finalRender will be able to use as many network rendering machines as your 3ds Max and network system allows.
  3. Unlimited GPU Rendering License; one year subscription
    If you want to add more than 2 rendering CUDA devices to the mix; this license option is for you! When this license is added to an existing workstation license, as many CUDA GPU cards can be used for rendering as you can fit into (or attach to) one single workstation.

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