New: CrumplePop FaceBlur for FCPX Is Now Available

New: CrumplePop FaceBlur for FCPX Is Now Available

Easily track and disguise faces, objects, logos and more with blur or pixellation using the new CrumplePop FaceBlur for Final Cut Pro X. Part of the FXFactory family of products.

FaceBlur by CrumplePop is a plugin that lets you blur or pixellate faces, logos, or other objects – right inside Final Cut Pro X. FaceBlur automatically tracks moving objects, so you don’t need to keyframe your blur effect by hand.

  • Blurs or pixellates any object
  • Automatically tracks moving objects
  • Includes PlanarBlur for blurring TVs and screens

FaceBlur is made exclusively for FCPX.

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Learn More | Purchase CrumplePop FaceBlur

MSRP: $99.00  Toolfarm Price: $94.05


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Posted by Kim Sternisha