New: Firefly Cinema Color Grading Solutions are now available at Toolfarm

New: Firefly Cinema Color Grading Solutions are now available at Toolfarm

Firefly Cinema offers a complete suite of color management tools for the digital cinema era, including FirePlay Live – High quality on-set live grading tool, FireDay – Digital dailies management and FirePost – Powerful color grading for post.  Save over 50% with special introductory pricing going on now through July 31, 2018.

Note: All Firefly products are no longer available at Toolfarm.

Changing color – the FireFly Cinema story

Philippe Reinaudo and Luc Guenard were frustrated.

With 35 years of combined experience on hundreds of feature films, they had spent most of their careers on the bleeding edge. As technical leaders at Europe’s largest digital laboratory, they had been at the forefront in the digital cinema age innovating many workflow ‘firsts’ and solving many complex production problems.

And yet they were tired of the lack of a truly dedicated set of tools which made it easy to manage the digital cinema color pipeline from on-set dailies through to the finishing suite. FireFly Cinema was created out of a desire to turn this challenge into an opportunity, and today offers a suite of software solutions that complete the workflow for color professionals everywhere.

Based in France, the birthplace of cinema, FireFly Cinema tools are widely used across European film productions.

Special Introductory Pricing

Save 50% on FireDay and FirePost, and save $450 on Fireplay Live, now through July 31, 2018.

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fireplay liveFirefly Cinema FirePlay Live

With FirePlay Live you can see your decisions on a professional monitoring setup. Send your color grading settings to an external LUT Box and watch a real-time preview on a calibrated monitor. Use FirePlay Live to see live grading previews and export your CDLs and LUTs for use in post.

Don’t wait for the studio, make it live

FirePlay Live is supporting a wide range of devices – from LUT box such as FSI BoxIO, Teradek’s COLR and COLR Duo, Fuji IS-mini, TCube VT3 Fig, Offhollywood OMOD, as well as cameras and monitors such as the Panasonic Varicam, the FSI DM monitors or the Canon DP-V series. See the complete list here.

A Tangent Devices control panel such as the Ripple, the Wave or the Elements can control FirePlay Live.

For capturing still frame from HD-SDI live signals, a Blackmagic Design device is supported.

MSRP: $499.00  SALE: Only $49.00

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firedayFirefly Cinema FireDay

Digital dailies management tool with live previews of color settings, audio sync, backup, versioning and rendering for DPs and DITs.

FireDay is available in two versions: the standard edition is a powerful digital dailies management and coloring tool for DPs and DITs offering backups, primary and secondary color correction and basic rendering capabilities. FireDay Studio adds more powerful color space support, audio sync, and multiple output version rendering in many more formats. Either version can support live grading previews on an external reference monitor by adding the Live Grading Option.

Do even more on-set: exercise creative control over color, ensure media integrity and manage complex file workflows. No need to compromise by using a tool designed for post editing to manage your dailies.

FireDay: MSRP: $599.00  SALE: $299.00
FireDay Studio: MSRP: $1,499.00  SALE: $749.00

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firepostFirefly Cinema FirePost

Powerful primary and secondary color grading and rendering for post production suites and digital cinema laboratories.

For more complex color management environments, don’t resort to the color tools included in your non-linear editing software. And don’t accept color tools that don’t support collaborative workflows. FirePost offers everything you need to conform, grade and deliver in multiple formats ahead of schedule.

Deadlines aren’t getting any longer. Collaboration allows you to share the load on a single project across multiple workstations, including remote proxies for review and approval. Totally SAN friendly: you can even use a centralized database to store profile settings and keep everyone in sync.

FirePost supports all kinds of RAW formats up to 4K including Arri ARRIRAW, REDCODE, RED Epic, Apple ProRes, DPX, OpenEXR and many, many more. Avoid the time delay and fidelity loss of transcoding. You can even combine different camera formats, color spaces, and pixel ratios in the same timeline.

FirePost: MSRP: $599.00  SALE: $299.00
FirePost: Studio: MSRP: $1,499.00  SALE: $749.00

Learn More | Buy FirePost

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