New: Keller Superpose 2.0 for After Effects

New: Keller Superpose 2.0 for After Effects

Superpose allows you to easily create clean plates from a set of pictures or a sequence in After Effects. This update includes updated licensing, which requires a new license code, and some minor bug fixes.

superpose for After EffectsSuperpose for After Effects v2.0

Superpose simply removes moving objects from an image sequence with a static or stabilized camera. The more input pictures you use, the better the result.

  • Remove rain, snow or crowds
  • No need for manual painting. Especially removing a large number of objects can be a mess
  • Increase the weight for better image candidates and tweak the result
  • No ghosting effects compared to frame averaging
  • Use and combine multiple Superpose nodes for different settings in different image areas

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Superpose for NUKE is also available


Superpose Superpose

Posted by Michele Yamazaki