New: SynchroArts Revoice Pro 4 Now Available, Intro Pricing through October 17

New: SynchroArts Revoice Pro 4 Now Available, Intro Pricing through October 17

Revoice Pro 4—the ultimate toolbox for timing and pitch adjustment—has over 70 new features and improvements over the previous version. These include much-improved handling of musical vibrato, the new APT Music and Dialog modes, numerous graphics and workflow improvements, ARA 2 support and cloud-based licensing. A 30-day introductory offer is available on new licenses and upgrades.

Since its initial launch in 2012, Revoice Pro has become a staple for timing and pitch adjustment for vocals, dialog, and instruments for audio engineers in both the music and cloud-based industries. Its users do not only appreciate the time they save on editing tasks, but also the program’s ability to retain the natural sound and feel of the original recording, even while performing significant adjustments to the audio. Revoice Pro’s unique Audio Performance Transfer (APT) function can clone the timing, pitch, and level of one audio track and apply it to another (or several others)—perfect for tightening up multi-layered vocal tracks, and for dialog replacement in film. Revoice Pro also offers comprehensive manual adjustment of timing, pitch and vibrato, a de-esser and a fantastic sounding doubler.

What's new in Revoice Pro 4?

Exploring Synchro Arts' Revoice Pro 4's New Features including ARA 2, in Studio One 4.

In this overview, Paul Drew of Production Expert goes over the new features in Studio One.

Synchro Arts ReVoice ProSynchro Arts ReVoice ProProduct name

Save 20%! Intro Pricing through October 17, 2018

Premium Pitch and Time Tools

Revoice Pro is used worldwide by top audio professionals for the fastest, easiest and best-sounding adjustment and alignment of vocals, instruments, and ADR as well as double track generation saving hours of editing time, ensuring high production values and helping to achieve their creative vision.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki