New: Telestream Switch 2.0 is Here!

New: Telestream Switch 2.0 is Here!

Switch 2.0 integrates new Timeline feature and VANC previews as part of deeper QC workflows.

switch 2.0

Switch Version 2.0 builds on the success of its predecessor, providing an effective and affordable visual Quality Control tool for a wide range of broadcast production and post-production applications. 

What's New in Switch 2.0?

switch timelineTimeline  (Pro)

The new Timeline feature gives you the ability to view the GOP structure of a video segment, highlighting the I, P, and B frames, which is helpful for checking overall quality of your videos. As part of this feature, you can also see the data rate information associated with the video.


switch captionCaption Display to External Monitor (VANC out)  (Pro)

Switch 2.0, adds the ability to view Vertical Ancillary (VANC) data on an external monitor, allowing broadcasters the ability to preview captions on multiple monitors.


switch jump toJump To any point in your video  (Play,  Plus,  Pro)

The new “Jump To” feature lets you to jump to a specific timecode, frame or time in your video. This is especially helpful when QC-ing long videos, allowing you to quickly access any point in the video.


switch mxfImproved playback performance: Better indexing for MXF  (Plus,  Pro)

Improved indexing for MXF files lets you access your files quicker and speeds up QC time.


switch wmvSupport for WMV files  (Plus,  Pro)

Switch Plus and Pro now enable decoding of WMV files.



“Switch started life 12 months ago as the industry's only all-in-one multi format media player with deep inspection capabilities, as well as export, and distribution capabilities. Now, we have developed a number of advanced features in response to customer feedback: these make Switch an effective and affordable broadcast QC tool that replaces the multitude of players, inspectors, analyzers and converters that broadcast and post-production professionals have been using for years,” says Barbara DeHart Vice President Desktop Business.

Switch now supports Windows 10 & El Capitan.  MSRP: $295  TF Price: $280.25

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Posted by Kim Sternisha