New: The Pixel Lab Cinema 4D Building Kit is Now Available

New: The Pixel Lab Cinema 4D Building Kit is Now Available

The Pixel Lab teamed up with Rick Ellis (rickdellis.com) who created an elegant system for creating custom building models and the result is the new Cinema 4D Building Kit.

Note: Building Kit is no longer available.  However, a better, faster version, called C4D Tower Tool, is available here.

Cinema 4D Building Kit – A New Way to Build

A Revolution in Kitbash Tech

This kit is based on a 3 step approach.

  1. Pick a preset spline shape.
  2. Pick a preset building design.
  3. Create a custom building!

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly test out different designs

With 20+ preset spline shapes, 55+ pre-made panels and the ability to use deformers or modify the original panel shape, your options are limitless.

Pre-made Assets

In a rush? There are dozens of pre-built models

Included are 14 pre-made buildings, 50 accessory models and a window mini-kit to help you add detail to your buildings!



What’s included:

  • Over 55 Pre-made Panels
  • 20+ Pre-made Spline profiles
  • 14 Pre-made Buidlings
  • 14 Rooftop Presets
  • 7 Add-on Elements
  • Windows Mini-kit
  • 5 Antennas
  • 20+ Roof Details

All this for less than $50!

Learn More | Purchase The Pixel Lab Cinema 4D Building Kit

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Posted by Kim Sternisha