New: Waves Smack Attack Transient Shaper

New: Waves Smack Attack Transient Shaper

How about extra snap and more thwack in your tracks? Shape the pulse of your drums and other percussive sounds with Smack Attack from Waves.


Make Every Hit Count

smack attackThe first attack, initial hit or onset of a sound is known as its ‘transient.’ By controlling the exact level, shape and duration of these sounds, you can give your tracks the perfect tightness and dynamics they need, in ways that a compressor can’t always do.

Add smack and bite to drums, loops, synth hits and all percussive sounds by designing the level, shape and duration of their transients’ attack and sustain – from surgical tweaks to savage effects.

  • ‘Secret weapon’ for mixing drums and all other percussive instruments
  • Unleash or tame transient attack & sustain
  • Fine-tune transient level, shape and duration

All this and more for only $49!

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waves smack attack

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Posted by Kim Sternisha