News: Add some fresh, high-res details to your 3D designs in Sketchup with Nearmap

sketchup nearmap

Sketchup has announced Nearmap, high-res imagery in Add Location. SketchUp users can now get clearer, fresher aerial imagery to include in your SketchUp models.  Read on to find out more.

Nearmap for Sketchup

In addition to our base imagery offering, we are thrilled to offer SketchUp users clearer, fresher aerial imagery to include in your SketchUp models! With 8x more data than our standard imagery, you can zoom in and get those higher resolutions you need to make those real projects… well… real. Talk about being able to visualize the little details! Did we mention these are the most up-to-date aerial maps available? The data is never older than 12 months. So you never have to worry about outdated information. We got your [design] back!

sketchup nearmap comparison

See the difference: Out-of-the-box satellite imagery from Digital Globe compared to high-resolution imagery from Nearmap

How can I get high-resolution imagery?

Great question. Nearmap will be available to purchase on an as-needed basis for subscription holders (Pro and Studio) as well as for our Classic license holders. You can pull the data directly into SketchUp and checkout right there. Buy only what you need, without leaving your workflow. (Subject to a minimum purchase.)

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Posted by Kim Sternisha