News: Adobe Character Animator Receives Emmy® Award

Adobe Character Animator Receives Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering

Congratulations to the team behind Adobe Character Animator for winning Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering. Adobe Character Animator as a Pioneering System for Live Performance-Based Animation Using Facial Recognition.

Some of the pioneers using Character Animator include the ever-imaginative team at The Simpsons, who took a chance and used it first in live TV broadcasts. Talk about jumping in at the deep end. The result – hilarious and improvised ‘audience call in’ segments featuring the great man himself, Homer J. Simpson, live on air at primetime.

Tim Luecke and the small team at Showtime’s Our Cartoon President bet an entire production pipeline for a network show on Character Animator. Character Animator is probably the ultimate tool for our time as Tim and his team leaned on it to keep up with the wild developments in current events every week. And thanks to the countless artists, professionals and early adopters that created live interactions with their cartoon creations, and let them speak directly with fans, young and old, across broadcast and social media.

Congratulation again on the Emmy® Award, Adobe!

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki