News: AXYZ design Anima – New Maya Plug-in, Easy Crowd Creation Software video + 4.1 update

axyz anima maya plug-in

Anima 4 has added new plug-in for Maya and has made a major step toward a new way of creating more realistic and life-like experiences with 4D digital humans.

Anima® crowd simulation software has always strived to have a great workflow between other content creation software. 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Unreal Engine are some of those programs that are already available for seamless integration with anima, not to mention that it is compatible with several rendering engines such as V-Ray, Corona, Octane, and Arnold. Now AXYZ design has introduced a new plug-in for Maya. This addition further brings anima to the VFX industry.

To see all that’s new with anima 4 including the new maya plug-in and details on the new 4D Digital Humans and Ambient 3D people, please watch the video below.


anima 4 is the people and crowd animation application developed specifically for architects and designers that will help you create amazing 3d animated people quickly and easily!  With anima® 4 3d characters become human!

What’s new in anima 4.1?



  • “Download” and “Update” options will now show up from the right-click menu on multiple selections of actors even if the clicked actor does not support it.

3DS Max® Plugin:

  • Added support for 3DS Max® 2021.
  • Material improvements for V-Ray and Corona renderers.

Cinema4D® Plugin:

  •  V-Ray materials can now be previewed in the viewport.

UE4® Plugin:

  • Motion Blur and TAA support for 4D actors has been added. To activate it, you must enable the “Accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation” option in your project’s settings. The name of this option is likely to change in future UE4® versions. Check the documentation for further details.

Maya® Plugin:

  • Added an additional transform node between animaSceneRoot and all the anima® objects for a better organization in the Outliner.
  • Added automatic detection and unpacking support on scene load for anipack files.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha