News: Blue Cat Audio Announces New Plugins at NAMM 2020

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Blue Cat Audio announced some new plug-ins at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, CA. Here’s a quick overview of the new plugins, AcouFiend, ReHead, and Hot Tuna.

Blue Cat’s AcouFiend

Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend

To summarize, Blue Cat’s AcouFiend is an acoustic feedback simulator plug-in for any instrument, but is especially cool with the guitar. It can reproduce both natural-sounding and responsive feedback. In addition, it can generate more innovative and unique harmonies, owing to transposition capabilities and controls.

Blue Cat explains, “AcouFiend can make a guitar scream at low volume or on headphones, sound like a virtual bow or a sustainer, and also add smooth background harmonies to keyboards or vocal tracks.” It will be available later in Q1 2020.

Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend Highlights

  • Acoustic feedback simulator
  • Total control over the feedback: adjust the rise and fall time, the sensitivity to pitch and amplitude changes, and the generated harmonic
  • Supports chords
  • Limit the range of notes that can produce feedback
  • Transpose the feedback signal to create harmonies
  • No latency

Blue Cat Audio Re-Head

Blue Cat Audio describes Re-Head as a “head response” simulation plug-in. With it,  the missing response of the head when working on headphones can be reconstructed. Blue Cat explains, “Because the head and ears are missing in the signal path between the speakers and the brain, music can sound un-natural through headphones, compared to speakers.”

In essence, Re-Head creates a more natural-sounding tone when using headphones. In fact, it will even enhance the sound when recording distorted guitars or monitoring mixes with tracks that are hard-panned. It will be available later in Q1 2020.

Blue Cat Audio Re-Head Highlights

  • “Head response” simulation plug-in to get a more natural tone when working with headphones
  • Adjust the position of the sound source and the angle between the virtual speakers
  • Adjust the brightness
  • Built-in EQ and impulse response (IR) loader to tweak the frequency response, and compensate actual headphones
  • Flip left and right ears
  • No latency

Blue Cat Audio Hot TunaBlue Cat Audio Hot Tuna

Hot Tuna has been created as a precise chromatic tuner plug-in.  In short, it can dim or mute the signal when active. The amount of dimming is completely controllable so it’s a great tool to have when running the sound at a live gig. It will be available later in Q1 2020.

Blue Cat explains, “The reference frequency can be changed (from 430 to 450 Hz), for when non-standard tuning is required. Apparently, most of the processing is performed in the background, which means that the tuner does not impact the performance of the real-time audio engine of the host.”

Hot Tuna will be included with Blue Cat’s Axiom plugin, which is a multi-effects processor for guitar and bass.

Hot Tuna Highlights

  • High precision tuner plug-in.
  • Dim or mute the signal when active.
  • Adjust the reference frequency from 430 to 450 Hz.
  • Processing performed in the background, not impacting real-time audio.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki