News: Chaos Cosmos Update Drops – New Sub-Category Added

chaos cosmos new subcategory bathroom

Chaos Cosmos has a new sub-category: Bathrooms that includes new porcelain products, plus they’ve also added new furniture and accessories for beyond the bathroom.

New Sub-Category Added to Chaos Cosmos

Create a tranquil bathroom with the porcelain products in Chaos Cosmos’ new sub-category, and discover the latest assets added to the free content library.

Chaos Cosmos’ latest update includes an exciting new sub-category: bathrooms. Create your perfect oasis of tranquility with its all-new bathtubs, washbasins, towel rails, and accessories. Outside the bathroom, this update also introduces new furniture and accessories including tables and chairs, armchairs and sofas, bookcases, cabinets, and more — bringing the total number of Chaos Cosmos assets close to 3,000.

If you’re a V-Ray 6 user, you get even more with this update, including a whole new sub-category for decals, Scatter presets, and access to the V-Ray material library via Chaos Cosmos.


Chaos Cosmos has 2943 assets and counting.  It’s your universe for smart 3D content.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha