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Chaos Group demonstrated new performance breakthroughs in GPU rendering and real-time ray tracing at the latest GPU technology conference. Chaos Group is working on a new version of  their V-Ray rendering engine that fully utilizes Nvidia RTX ray-tracing cores for the fastest render speeds yet.

Chaos Group showcases breakthroughs in GPU rendering

Here’s an excerpt from the article posted on Post Magazine:

Now in development, a new version of Chaos Group’s V-Ray rendering engine is being custom built to take full advantage of the dedicated ray tracing cores available in Nvidia RTX GPUs. Working in collaboration with Nvidia engineers, the Chaos development team has achieved their fastest GPU rendering speeds to date. On average, when compared to the current CUDA version, benchmarks of the new RTX-powered V-Ray GPU are over twice as fast and up to four times faster for select scenes.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha