News: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive and Premiere CC 2019 Problem

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Digital Anarchy has discovered a serious memory leak with the Transcriptive Premiere panel, long transcripts (60+ minutes), and Premiere CC 2019.  In case you’re a Transcriptive user and didn’t get the email about this, here’s what’s happening according to Digital Anarchy President Jim Tierney, instructions on how to save and delete your transcript data, and info on when a fix might be ready:


Last week we discovered a serious memory leak with the Transcriptive Premiere panel, long transcripts (60+ minutes), and Premiere CC 2019.

We’re recommending Transcriptive users stick to CC 2018 until we release a fix. Especially if you’re editing transcripts longer than 60 minutes, as it’s only a problem for longer transcripts. We were hoping we could fix it quickly, but it looks like it’s going to be a week or two, so we wanted to let everyone know what’s up.

You can also upload the video and JSON file to Transcriptive.com and edit it there. It’s still in beta and currently free, so that’s another workaround. We’re pushing a new beta to app.transcriptive.com in the next couple days, so you may want to wait for that, but the current beta should work fine.

Since the metadata is saved with the project, uninstalling Transcriptive doesn’t solve the Premiere crash. You need to delete the transcript itself. To do so:

Method 1) You should do this immediately after opening the project, as Premiere will crash at some point. You usually have several minutes, so you have time, but the sooner the better. Step 1: Export a JSON file to save the transcript in a format that can be reloaded later. Step 2: In the Transcriptive menu select ‘Delete Transcript’. Click OK. Save the project and restart Premiere.

transcriptive json


If the above doesn’t work (it should, but let us know if it doesn’t) then you can try this:

Method 2) Create and new sequence, then copy/paste everything in the old sequence (Just do a Select All) into the new sequence. The Transcriptive metadata won’t get copied. Delete the old sequence and restart Premiere.

Technically, it’s a bug in Premiere Pro. However, it’s more of a ‘it takes two to tango’ type of thing. Transcriptive generates a lot of metadata that gets saved with your Premiere project. Every word in the transcript has a start and end time, a confidence score and other metadata attached to it. For an hour of video that’s about 12000 words or more with lots of metadata attached to each of those words. It, apparently, is more metadata in a single chunk than anyone else has ever tried to attach to a Premiere sequence and Premiere 2019 is struggling to handle it.

It doesn’t happen in Premiere CC 2018 and earlier because in 2019 Adobe changed some backend technologies that made it easier to access large amounts of memory. That means the memory leak can also access large amounts of memory.

So, Adobe is looking into it and we’re looking into what we can change to reduce the amount of metadata we’re saving. These are some significant changes so we need to make sure those changes don’t break other things, meaning there’s no quick fix.

Really sorry for the problems and any inconvenience. We’re working as fast as we can to resolve them and get an update released. I’ll be sending out another announcement as soon as it’s ready.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email cs@digitalanarchy.com and we’ll give you whatever info we have.

Posted by Kim Sternisha