News: HitFilm Pro to add AE Plugins Compatibility

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Coming soon to HitFilm: the ability to use After Effects plug-ins directly inside the NLE.

FXHome has been making huge improvements to HitFilm, the all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse.  According to an article on Redshark News, FXhome is making HitFilm Pro compatible with AE plugins.

In a move that will open up a whole world of plugins, FXhome is making HitFilm Pro compatible with AE plugins. Yep, you read that right, you will soon be able to use After Effects plugins right from within HitFilm Pro.

As you can imagine this will open up a huge number of potential effects for HitFilm users. The ability to use them isn’t just some band aid approach either. As you can see from the screenshots below the plugins appear as a fully integrated part of the software. As we understand it you won’t be able to use all plugins just yet (as you can imagine, it’s not a simple process to integrate them), but FXhome will listen to users as to which AE plugins they want to be able to use.

– Simon Wyndham, Redshark News

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Posted by Kim Sternisha