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insydium fused update coming soon

A new release is coming soon for INSYDIUM Fused.  Get a sneak peek at what’s new, with these 3 videos showcasing Taiao, MeshTools and NeXus, a cross-platform GPU-powered X-Particles tool.  This update will be available to everyone with a Subscription or a Fused license in Maintenance.


Taiao Sneak Peek – Growth Tab – Release Update – Sept ’22

In addition to the single growth slider, we now have added control over the branches which can be added dynamically, using the Growth tab. Fields now work with leaves, flowers and custom objects. Users can animate leaves growing on a tree, driven by Fields.


MeshTools Sneak Peek – mtFractal – Release Update – Sept ’22

“With these updates to MeshTools you can create fractals based on input geometry; mtFractal enables users to generate intricate fractals using the preset patterns, such as Tree, Sphere, Koch, Fibonacci, Dragon, and Fern.
You can stack different fractals to make unlimited designs – animate angles and offsets for stunning motion graphics. Geometry can be created based on Splines or Geometry, and you assign an emitter to your Fractal object and then you can animate particles for even more control.”


NeXus Sneak Peek – GPU – Release Update – Sept ’22

“Introducing NeXus, the first wave of cross-platform GPU-powered X-Particles tools!

Massive speed improvements: 3 dynamic solvers for fluids, foam and constraints and 14 modifiers now all powered by the GPU. In nxFluids, you have the choice of SPH or PBD solvers to increase your simulations’ realism.

GPU-powered modifiers enable you to create fast simulating particle set-ups. With a choice of robust solvers, fluid scenes are easier to art direct.

Create realistic foam and granular simulations with ease. GPU-powered constraints with particle connections, collisions and more. Creating realistic simulations has never been so fast and easy!

The real-time screen recordings were made on a Windows PC with the following specs:
GPU – Nvidia 3090ti
CPU – Intel i9-12900KS 3.42Ghz”

Learn more about the update


INSYDIUM Fused Annual Subscription INSYDIUM Fused Annual Subscription

Includes both X-Particles and Cycles 4D

INSYDIUM Fused contains all of INSYDIUM’s plugins and products in one complete collection. Everything you need to create stunning particle effects, realistic terrains and fulfill modeling tasks through to the final render. Plus, all their available 3D Resources, hours of Training, Technical Support, and Content Repository files.

The INSYDIUM Annual Subscription provides the Fused license on an annual basis and allows for flexibility. To clarify, you can use the licenses for as long as you pay the yearly fee. In addition, you may cancel the subscription at any time.

Particularly, it’s more cost-effective than the INSYDIUM Monthly Subscription over the period of a year.

INSYDIUM Fused consists of:

  • X-Particles
  • Taiao
  • TerraformFX
  • MeshTools
  • Cycles 4D
  • 3D Resource Packs
  • PremiumTraining
  • Maintenance Training
  • Technical Support
  • Content Repository

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Posted by Kim Sternisha