News: KeyShot – Free Upgrade to v9 – Coming Soon

keyshot 9 coming soon

Keyshot 9 is coming soon.  And right now, for a limited time, if you buy or upgrade to KeyShot 8,  you get KeyShot 9 for Free!

Coming Soon KeyShot 9 Updates

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the updates coming to Keyshot 9:

GPU Ray Tracing – GPU ray tracing in KeyShot 9 means that you are now able to take advantage of NVIDIA RTX GPUs to render in the real-time view and for local render output.

Denoise – Now included in the Basic and Photographic Image Styles is a deep learning Denoiser that allows you to reduce noise in the real-time view and render output to achieve smooth results in much less time.

3D Models Library – Adding context and detail to your scene is easier than ever with Models now available on the Cloud Library to download straight into your KeyShot Library and add to your scene.

RealClothTM (KeyShot Pro) – This powerful new material type allows you to visualize realistic woven materials with control of the weave pattern and ability to add flyaway fibers.

Fuzz’ Geometry Shader (KeyShot Pro) – In the KeyShot 9 Material Graph you will find a new Geometry node for Fuzz that allows you to add hair-like growth from the surface of any material.

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The promotion is valid for all new KeyShot 8 purchases and upgrades (from KeyShot 6 and KeyShot 7) to KeyShot 8 on or after October 1st. The promo excludes KeyShot Education products, KeyShot add-ons, and KeyShot for CAD licenses (KeyShot for ZBrush, KeyShot for Solid Edge, etc).

Posted by Kim Sternisha