News: macOS Catalina May Break Some Older Software

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina 10.15 will no longer support 32-bit apps, only 64-bit apps. If you’ve kept up on your software, you not likely have to worry about. If you’re running Adobe Creative Suite CS5, it will not run on Catalina. Let’s be honest though, if you’re running CS5, you’re not likely to upgrade your OS anytime soon!

Okay, all joking aside, 32-bit apps and plugins will stop working. Don’t upgrade to Catalina until you are sure that you are not needing 32-bit apps and plugins. 

32-bit Software that we know about

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CS5)
  • Aperture
  • Plural Eyes 3.5
  • Pro Tools – some components are still 32-bit.
  • QuickTime Pro 7
  • VMWare Fusion 3.1.4
  • Waves Pre-v10

There’s a long list at Pro Tools Expert that we recommend you check out.

Adobe’s forum has a thread about Catalina and how some 64-bit applications, Lightroom and Adobe XD, in particular, are still having some issues with the Catalina beta. Read more

Discontinued Software

Adobe Fuse – It will be removed from the Adobe Creative Cloud on 13 September 2020.

32 to 64 bit AU Plug-ins Adapter

Sound Radix 32 LivesIf you’re running 32-bit audio plug-ins, you can try converting to 64-bit with 32 Lives from Sound Radix.

Note: 32 Lives will ironically is not yet supported on Catalina, so convert your plug-ins before you upgrade.

32 LIVES is a 32-bit to 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins adapter, which enables you to transparently run your favorite 32-bit-only Audio Units plug-ins, such as Vanguard, VB3, and TC PowerCore plug-ins, in your latest 64-bit DAW.

Sound Radix 32 Lives


How do you check your current software to see if everything is 64-bit?

  1. Under the Apple Menu (), go to About this Mac, and click on System Report.
  2. On the list on the left, under Software, click Applications.
  3. There’s a category across the top named 64-bit (Intel). If it says “Yes”, it’s 64-bit compatible. If it says “No”, it’s not. Click the 64-bit (Intel) in the header and it will sort by “Yes” or “No”. Below, see the image of my System Report, sorted by what is not compatible. There are a few things, but not many in the grand scheme. There are several Adobe items, which I’m sure Adobe will fix, or they don’t matter anyway.

32-bit screen shot for macOS Catalina


Go64 is free software that will scan your Mac for 32-bit apps.

Get Go64






Posted by Michele Yamazaki