News: Mekajiki Offers Free RenderGarden Software to After Effects Artists Stuck at Home

Working from home? No access to your studio’s infrastructure? If you use Adobe® After Effects®, RenderGarden can help. And it’s free!

Developed by San Francisco’s leading motion design studio Swordfish, RenderGarden is a suite of tools for After Effects which takes advantage of all of the CPU cores in your Mac or PC, resulting in a significant speedup for your final renders. A typical 12-core workstation can see as much as a 4x speed increase depending on the project, and the more cores you have the more significant the speed up. In addition, RenderGarden’s multi-machine rendering functionality allows you to quickly set up multiple computers for distributed rendering. Never before has creating a render farm for After Effects been so simple and painless.

Download RenderGarden Home Edition

(Select Adobe After Effects Host. Note: You must be logged in to Toolfarm’s dashboard to download.)

“We initially created RenderGarden for a specific project where our artists were working off-site with limited infrastructure and no ability to leverage our studio’s large render farm” explains Mekajiki & Swordfish founder Matt Silverman. “As we now face the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic, the best thing we all can do at this point is isolate and work from home. To help everyone get through this time, we are offering a fully functional version of RenderGarden to help everyone in the After Effects community work as effectively as possible until we can return to normalcy.”

Your renders will FLY with RenderGarden!

Increase your render speeds by 3 times on your computer and maximize your CPU cores when rendering across your network. RenderGarden is an absolute must-have script for After Effects users.


Posted by Alicia