News: Next Limit Maxwell Crossgrades Now Available

next limit maxwell crossgrades

Next Limit has just introduced Maxwell Crossgrades, allowing users to get a second license of the same or different Maxwell license for a reduced price!


Maxwell is all about quality. Period. This has been our sacred mantra for most than 15 years of development. Our secret sauce is a physically-correct unbiased spectral engine, which produces not only beautiful images but also lighting-accurate simulations. In fact, Maxwell is considered the ground-truth in rendering and CGI production. We strive to inspire others, and you inspire us.

Maxwell Crossgrades

Do you need an extra license? Do you have Studio and want to get a plugin? Or perhaps you have a plugin and want to get another one…

Introducing Maxwell Crossgrades!

Crossgrade from any Maxwell 5 commercial license to an extra Maxwell 5 Node-locked license for only $375.00!

Crossgradefrom any Maxwell 5 commercial license to an extra Maxwell 5 Floating license for only $425.00!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha