News: Cebas finalRender for Maya Open Beta

cebas final render for maya beta

Here’s your chance to join Ceba’s first ever Open Beta Program, and get finalRender for Maya for FREE!

Free Download Now Available

finalRender for Maya is not only one of the best integrated rendering systems for Maya with full support for Maya’s Hypershade Editor and many of the native Maya shader nodes, but it also offers one of the easiest and most efficient integrated rendering pipeline systems for Maya.

To download free finalRender, please create a free account and download at cebas.com/fRforMaya.

What’s New in Cebas finalRender for Maya

finalRender for Maya goes way beyond just being a “simple” rendering application, with its all new revolutionary BuildingBlocks™ a refreshing new approach to physically based shader creation in Maya – all based on the raytracing core of finalRender for Maya . Building Blocks breaks down shaders to their very core and allows unlimited shader components, which are stacked on top of each other, to simulate real world properties of nearly every kind of material surface. finalRender for Maya incorporates the multi-core technologies and enhancements which leverage existing and future Hardware investments.

Serious BETA people must join at https://www.cebas.org/cebasWall/

Followup updates only via Forum: finalRender for Maya Open BETA.

Please note that as it is OBP free, cebas development team has made every effort to ensure that it works efficiently, there is no support for users at this time. There may or may not be a future version in the near future, depending on market demand.
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finalRender for Maya Features


  • Windows 64 Bit/Multi Core
  • Many dedicated ready to render finalRender Materials
  • Photometric and Real Area Lights

Network Rendering

  • True Distributed Network Rendering
  • Standard Network Farm-Rendering through batch rendering is supported


  • Real world Physical Camera Exposure Model
  • Multiple Real World Cameras to choose from

Lights & Shaders

  • Advanced Caustic Rendering Effects
  • Highly Optimized Multi Layered Skin Shader
  • Maya Shading Network support


  • MAYA 2018
  • Windows 64-Bit

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Posted by Kim Sternisha