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Project Lavina

Vlado in Renderland | SIGGRAPH 2019

Vladimir Koylazov is a Chaos group Co-Founder & Head of Software Development

Vlado presented multiple topics at the Chaos Group booth at Siggraph! He gives an update about Project Lavina. Learn the benefits of 100% ray tracing in real-time. He also talks about what’s coming next to V-Ray. Check out the new technology that they’re working on for upcoming releases!

At SIGGRAPH 2019, Chaos Group presented Project Lavina, a groundbreaking application for 100% ray tracing in real-time. It’s a simple drag and drop for artists, without the need for setting up a game engine.

In the article on the Chaos Group blog, they mention Kevin Margo’s CONSTRUCT construction site, which we featured several months ago. The link features a Behind-the-Scenes/VFX breakdown and it’s amazing, so be sure to have a look.

Construct A screenshot from CONSTRUCT by Kevin Margo

“When CONSTRUCT started, Kevin was visualizing characters at 24 frames a second with over $250,000 in hardware behind him. Today, he could just use Lavina, achieving full ray tracing with even higher fidelity on a $1,000 RTX card.” — Lon Grohs, Chaos Group

The latest developments include:

  • New real-time Chaos denoiser
  • Multiple GPU support
  • Animation support
  • Enhanced camera controls and transitions
  • Automatic collision and stair/ramp detection
  • Material swapping
  • Drag-and-drop IBL environments
  • LUT color profiles
  • Scene merging
  • Selection and transformation of objects
  • Hide/unhide selections
  • Interactive depth of field

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About the Project Lavina Beta

Want to be among the first to try Lavina? It’s not available quite yet but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available.

It will require:

  • V-Ray Next Render License (supplied from any V-Ray Next product)
  • NVIDIA RTX GPU required for real-time performance
  • NVIDIA Pascal and Maxwell generations supported for far less performance.
  • Windows running DirectX 12 with DXR extensions

Register for updates about the beta

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki