News: Top Ten Favorite Tutorials in Greyscalegorilla Plus + Limited Time Discount

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Greyscalegorilla Plus is your home to learn 3D and motion design. GSG asked Plus users to share feedback and has a list of the top 10 favorite training tutorials that will help add valuable 3D tools and tricks to your workflow.  Get it now with a limited time discount too!

What’s on your training list?

  • New Cinema 4D R21 techniques like Field Force?
  • Finally ready to add Redshift to your workflow?
  • Ready to brush up on learning Arnold?
  • Want to see if Houdini is right for you?

You can learn all this and so much more. With over 400 hours of training in Greyscalegorilla Plus, there are so many topics and videos that will teach you how to make your next 3D project faster and more beautiful.

See the Top Ten Tutorials

greyscalegorilla plusTo watch the tutorials you will need a Greyscalegorilla Plus subscription.

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Get one whole year of training for only $318.00.  That’s only $26.50 per month!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha