News: Upcoming Marvelous Designer 10 License Changes

Marvelous Designer will be changing from perpetual licenses to subscription license with the release of Marvelous Designer 10.  Read on for more info.

Marvelous Designer 10 License Changes

Marvelous Designer will stop selling perpetual licenses of all types of products with the release of version 10, in order to provide the best support and software version management.

The version upgrade discount for the existing perpetual licenses will be maintained. If you have a perpetual license, you will be eligible for upgrading version up to Marvelous Designer 12, with the same price based on the current 3-versions-back upgrade policy.

1. New Purchase – Subscription Only

Starting the release of version 10, new purchases will be available only by subscription. With the subscription license, you will have full access to the latest version during the license period.

License Update for Marvelous Designer 10 Version

marvelous designer license changes chart

2. Existing Perpetual License – Version Upgrade Eligibility

The upgrade discount for perpetual license holders will maintain up to Marvelous Designer 12.  The upgrade fee estimated by the 3-versions-back upgrade policy will not be changed.

Example: License Upgrade Discount for Perpetual License (Version 10)  

marvelous designer license changes chart 2

*This upgrade for perpetual license will be valid until the Marvelous Designer 12.

With the ceased sale of Perpetual license, the 3 versions older than the latest version installers will not be officially supported.


1. Can I keep using my perpetual license?
Yes, the version you purchased is usable permanently.
2. Can I change my perpetual license to subscription?
After the release of Marvelous Designer 10, there will be another option for perpetual license holders, License Trade.  If you would like to keep your license up to date, you can trade in your perpetual license for subscription.
3. Why will you stop selling the perpetual license?
Once we implement a subscription-only license model, we expect that we can provide seamless updates  which means that you do not need to wait until the new version release to see big updates.   In addition, this will allow us to work on bigger projects so that you can see better Marvelous Designer in the future.
4. Will the pricing be the same even after the Marvelous Designer 10?
There will be a change in pricing and it depends on the license type.  For instance, the price of Personal license will be lowered than the current price.
If you have any additional questions, please contact the Marvelous Designer Support Team or Toolfarm Support.

Posted by Kim Sternisha