News: Using Transcriptive as a Collaboration Tool for Remote Workflows

digital anarchy transcriptive 2.0

As more of us each day are having to work remotely, the challenges on how to collaborate become more difficult. The new beta version of Transcriptive.com, the web app, (https://app.transcriptive.com) can help overcome some of those challenges through the ability to collaborate and share transcripts with Premiere users and other web users. And since it’s in beta, it’s free to try.

Digital Anarchy has posted an article all about how Transcriptive.com beta version can help keep everyone in sync when they’re working remotely.

Here’s an excerpt:

The web app was designed from the beginning to help editors work remotely with clients or producers. Transcripts can be easily edited and shared between Premiere Pro and a web browser or between two web users.

This means  producers, clients, assistant editors, and interns can easily review and clean up transcripts on the web and send them to the Premiere editor. They can also identify the timecode of video segments that are important or have problems. All this can be done in a web browser and then shared.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha