News: Video Copilot Unveils Nebula 3D – Sneak Peek

video copilot nebula 3d

Andrew Kramer showcased the new 3D volumetric lights plug-in for Adobe After Effects, called Nebula 3D at NAB 2019.  No word yet on a possible release date, but this looks really awesome!

Video Copilot Presents Nebula 3D

Advanced volumetric lighting effects, directly inside After Effects

The nebula presentation starts at 20:52.

Video Copilot Nebula 3D is a volumetric lighting and rendering tool for creating fog, smoke and even clouds.  It can load real VDB sequences for advanced light scattering, and lets you manipulate density, modify volumes and it even works with After Effects Layers.

That’s about all the info we have for now.  There’s no release date yet, but hopefully more info will be coming soon.


Posted by Kim Sternisha