News: Blackmagic Design adds Fairlight Audio Tools to Resolve

News: Blackmagic Design adds Fairlight Audio Tools to Resolve

With the beta release of DaVinci Resolve 14, Blackmagic has announced the integration of Fairlight audio technology to give Resolve full, post-production audio mixing capabilities.

Bryant Frazer at Studio Daily states:

Blackmagic Design set its sights on the market for Avid Pro Tools in post-production, releasing a public beta of DaVinci Resolve 14 that incorporates the Fairlight audio technology it acquired last year.

That’s right — Resolve now includes a full-fledged post-production audio mixing engine on a new Fairlight page (top). It can be controlled by Fairlight consoles, which Blackmagic will sell in modular form, starting with a desktop version and expanding to 2-bay, 3.5-bay and 5-bay consoles. (You can use Resolve’s capabilities in software-only mode but control may be tricky, especially for complex projects.)

Audio pros will also want the Fairlight Audio Accelerator, an add-in card that allows a system to play up to 1,000 tracks in real time with up to six VST plug-ins per channel. CEO Grant Petty said a “normal” computer can play back about 60 channels of audio at once.

Read the full article at Studio Daily here

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