News: Halloween Extravaganza!

News: Halloween Extravaganza!

Halloween is always a fun time of year. To celebrate and build excitement we want to share some of the great Halloween related posts we have done in the past!

Tutorial: “Face Mask” – A Halloween Photoshop Tutorial

Brian Maffitt from Total Training shows us how he made his creepy Halloween self-portrait this year, using Photoshop.

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Tutorial: Cyriak’s Halloween Costume

This effect is very involved, with lots of rotoscoping, tracking and hand animation.  It's not for the feint of heart, but you will learn a ton.

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Tutorial: Bringing a Halloween Image to Life with Boris Continuum Complete

Creative Cow leader Kevin P. McAuliffe returns with a second Halloween-themed episode filled with quick tips and shortcuts for both MAC and PC users with BCC 8 AE and Adobe After Effects CS 6 or higher.

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Tutorial: Halloween Themed tutorials for FCPX and Motion

FCP.co posted a few seasonally spooky tutorials: Spooky Jump Cuts for Final Cut Pro X and Swinging Text for Motion.

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News: Boris FX & Imagineer Systems’ Halloween Video Contest

Boris FX and Imagineer Systems are back with an even bigger and badder Halloween contest!

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Tutorial: The Ring – Samara Death Stare After Effects

Learn how to create the Death Stare effect from the horror classic The Ring!

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Rig a Skeleton with Hinge and Ball & Socket Connectors in Cinema 4D

Just in time for Halloween, Mograph Candy rigs a skeleton with connectors and dynamics to make a dangling skeleton just like the decoration we used to hang on our front door.

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Happy Halloween Pumpkin | Angie Taylor

This is a little bit of Halloween Trick and Treat fun for you to use in your own projects. I've used primitive sphere in Form and applied a diplacement map to create the ridges of the pumpkin. I used an alpha matte to create the cut outs for his face. Shine was added for a spooky glow!

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Free Halloween 3D Model Pack from Video Copilot- Element 3D-Ready

Check out these spook-tacular Halloween 3D models ready to go for Video Copilot’s Element 3D!

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Create Monster Visual Effects in After Effects with the Monster Toolkit and Mocha AE

Rampant Design CEO and Lead Creative Sean Mullen Shows Us How to Create Monster Effects Using Adobe After Effects and Imagineer Systems Mocha AE.

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Happy Halloween Video Postcard

I’m not going to lie… Halloween is my favorite holiday by far. Here’s a beautiful piece directed by the Deka Brothers that celebrates the season of the witch.

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Create a Lizard Man in After Effects

Ran Ben Avraham walks you through turning a human man into a Lizard Man with After Effects and Mettle FreeForm Pro. He motion tracks his footage and wraps the serpentine texture around the actors head with FreeForm Pro.

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Create a Smoke Man with 3ds Max Using FumeFX & Krakatoa

Post by Vikrant Dalal at CGtuts+ – Create an smoky ghostlike character or object using Sitni Sati FumeFX for 3ds Max and Krakatoa.

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