News: Kuroyume Greebler Works in Cinema 4D R20 with Insydium Bridge

News: Kuroyume Greebler Works in Cinema 4D R20 with Insydium Bridge

Great news! Insydium has updated their Insydium Bridge so that Greebler is now working in Cinema 4D R20. This has been verified by Kuroyume that both the plug-in works and older projects (R13+) load.

Updated 27 December 2018 with instructions on obtaining a new Greebler serial number if you already own a license.

Instructions on using Greebler in R20

  1. If you have an existing license of Greebler and want to use it in R20, you'll need a new Greebler license key generated. To obtain a new license, please contact Robert, the developer of Greebler, with your new Cinema 4D or Multi-License Server 11-digit serial number, in the same format as provided during the original purchase. You will enter that new Greebler serial number into your new C4D/MLS to register the plug-in.
  2. To use Greebler with Cinema 4D R20, you need to install the most recent update of Insydium Bridge and place Greebler in the same folder as Bridge. Relaunch Cinema 4D and use.

More Information:

Kuroume GreeblerKuroyume Greebler Plug-in for Cinema 4D

Adding detail to 3D objects for enhancement of apparent size or realism is a time-consuming task. It is made easier if tools are available to reduce the workload and time involved. Greebler is that new tool for your arsenal. It provides support for multiprocessors, NET Render, selections, materials, and much more.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki