News: mamoworld MochaImport+ V6 – Beta Testers Wanted

News: mamoworld MochaImport+ V6 – Beta Testers Wanted

momoworld is looking for beta testers for MochaImport+ V6.  V6 will add After Effects CC 2019 compatibility plus many new features including keyframeable tracked masks, motion blur option for corner pin, KBar script support and more.

After Effects CC 2019 has just been released and one of the lesser known changes is that tracking data export has been removed from the bundled Mocha AE CC version. As a consequence AE CC2019 is not compatible with MochaImport+ V5 anymore.

mamoworld has started the beta testing phase for MochaImport+ V6 which is fully compatible with AE CC 2019 and also adds some great new features:

  • import tracking data from mocha Plugin (CC2019 compatibility)
  • create mocha plugin effects
  • keyframeable, tracked masks
  • send masks and other properties from main comp to stabilized precomp and vice versa.
  • low-res stabilized precomps (great for fast rendering, if the precomps only cover a small portion of the image)
  • collapse transformation option for stabilized precomps
  • motion blur option for corner pin
  • automatic tracking data conversion (not sure if you need “corner pin”, “corner pin with motion blur” or “transform data”? No problem, MochaImport+ always converts to the format you need).
  • KBar script support / improved script API access to execute MochaImport+ functions from other scripts.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha