News: Siggraph 2017 Wrapup from Studio Daily

News: Siggraph 2017 Wrapup from Studio Daily

Bryant Frazer at Studio Daily gives a wrap up of SIGGRAPH with a focus on machine learning, better VR and brain-controlled gaming. Read an excerpt here and follow the link to read the full article.

SIGGRAPH Wrap-Up: Machine Learning, Better VR and Brain-Controlled Gaming

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Unlike the past few years, where design, visualization and simulation applications had somewhat eclipsed VFX at SIGGRAPH, 2017 was a showcase for emerging computer graphics techniques with real implications for media and entertainment. The standout trend was probably machine learning. As computational power becomes more affordable to the content creation industry, computers can increasingly be trained to evaluate and manipulate images in ways that used to require the intervention of a human artist. Facial recognition, real-time lip sync of rigged CG models, roto and depth-mapping are all tasks that can be dramatically simplified by smarter AI.

Read the full article at Studio Daily here.


Posted by Kim Sternisha