News: Silhouette v6.1.3 Supports All RE:Vision Effects OFX Plug-ins

News: Silhouette v6.1.3 Supports All RE:Vision Effects OFX Plug-ins

Over the last couple of months, SilhouetteFX have been hard at work with RE:Vision Effects to make sure that all of their OFX plug-ins are supported in Silhouette. Today, Silhouette announces the availability of Silhouette v6.1.3 with full support of RE:Vision Effects OFX plug-ins.

Silhouette v6.1.3 is a free upgrade for all Silhouette v6 users.

RE:Vision Effects Plug-ins

Twixtor: Slow down or speed-up your footage with stunning results.
ReelSmart Motion Blur: Applies natural looking motion blur by tracking each pixel.
RE:Map: Professional UV mapping and displacement tools. Great to interact with the 3D department.
RE:Match: Stereo color and texture transfer. Pre-match multi-cam shoot before you grade.
RE:Lens: Fisheye and 360 video tools, automatic spherical stabilization.
DE:Noise: Got noise, dust, rain, flashes.
DEFlicker: The solution for high-frame rate video and time-lapse flickering.

RE:Vision Effects Effections Bundle for OFX – Includes ReelSmart Motion Blur v5, DE:Flicker v1, DE:Noise v3, RE:Lens v1, RE:Map v2, RE:Match v1 and Twixtor v6.

Features in Silhouette v6.1.3

Command Line > -open_project
Added the -open_project command-line switch to open the project browser on launch.

RE:Vision Effects OFX Support
Silhouette v6.1.3 now supports the current OFX versions of all RE:Vision Effects products.

Scripting Additions
global fx.buildDate, fx.versionString, fx.versionMajor, fx.versionMinor attributes
fx.activate(node) will make the node active
fx.activate(project) will make the project active
fx.getNodeInfo(node_id) returns detailed static node information
fx.loadSessionFormats(path) to load additional formats.xml files
object.propertyList returns properties in order they are added
project can be reloaded with project.load()
property.info attribute returns detailed static property information
sessions can be created from Python
tools/session.py – SessionBuilder() helper for creating sessions
tools/preset.py – preset helper for parsing presets.txt file
un-saved project can be created with p = Project()

OFX: Display OFX Parameter Names That End In . Properly
An empty label was displayed if an OFX property name ended with a period.

OFX: Pixel Scale Property Was Reversed
The OFX pixel scale property was inverted, causing on-screen controls for some OFX plug-ins to be rendered the wrong size.

OFX: Support OFX Slider Display Min/Max & Valid Min/Max
We now support OFX plug-ins that have a valid range and a display range for sliders.

Paint > Clone Brush Tablet Problem – Linux
There was a bug on Linux where the clone offset could not be set with the tablet.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki