News: Talking 360° Video With Tim Dashwood Part 1

News: Talking 360° Video With Tim Dashwood Part 1

Russel Fairley with About.com chatted with 360 expert Tim Dashwood to better understand this new medium and how it will change the way we work with video.

Tim Dashwood is the founder of 11 Motion Pictures Limited and its sister companies Dashwood Cinema Solutions and the Toronto-based stereoscopic 3D production company Stereo3D Unlimited Inc.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation on About.com:

ABOUT.COM: With the imminent explosion of VR headsets and 360 degree/3D cameras on the industry, what are some considerations for video editors interested in working with 360 degree footage?

TIM DASHWOOD: There are huge technical and aesthetic considerations for any traditional 2D editor taking on the job of editing cinematic 360° video. The technical side can be learned easily (e.g. working with 2:1 aspect ratio equirectangular “lat-long” format, manipulating footage on three separate axis, using specially designed plugins for 360VR, etc.) but we are still developing the craft of how to present a good story as a compelling 360° experience. Do we need slower pacing than a traditional ‘flat’ video? Do dissolves work better than cuts? Do we try to fill all of the surrounding volume with interesting content or just let the viewer organically experience the story with the potential of looking the “wrong way?” Should it even be possible to look the “wrong way?” 360° VR video is an art form unto itself and I feel like we it is too early in this new medium to really set any sort of rules governing preferred practices of editing.

As content creators continue to experiment with different techniques, a unique storytelling language will surely emerge.

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