News: The Pixel Farm Training Academy Open Sessions

News: The Pixel Farm Training Academy Open Sessions

The Pixel Farm is offering Free web-based training on PFTrack and PFClean to help expand your knowledge of the software. Whether your are a novice or expert, there’s a course for you.

The Pixel Farm Training Academy

The Pixel Farm training academy is a great opportunity to grow your knowledge of PFTrack and PFClean. Whether you’re a new user of our software, looking to refresh your existing skills or wanting to catch up with the latest features, this is your chance to learn PFTrack and PFClean directly from our product specialists.

Beginning with the fundamentals of the software, each product specific course is structured to consist of 3 progressive training levels that will take you on a journey to becoming a pro in the software. Classes take the form of live web based training and are hosted by our own product specialists.

Designed to provide a one-to-one learning experience, our classes allow you to work directly with the product specialist and conclude with a Q&A session, where you are encouraged to ask any questions about the topics covered. Following each class, you are provided with extended study materials made up of a combination of Tutorials and Knowledge Base articles to help you master the topics featured in the class.

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The training courses will repeat monthly, so if you can’t make it to a session, there’ll always be another chance to join in. The course schedule has been designed to give attendees at least 2 weeks in between each training level to study the extended materials. As an added bonus, classes will take place at two times of day to allow attendees from across the globe to participate. Places are limited to 50 people for each workshop so make sure you register early to ensure your place.

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PFTrack Course Info

Hosted by Thomas Angarano – PFTrack Specialist

Level 1. An Introduction to Matchmoving in PFTrack
Learn the fundamentals of PFTrack, from importing footage and creating a project to tracking a shot and exporting.

Level 2. Extended Matchmoving in PFTrack
Discover extended matchmoving methods in PFTrack and use photogrammetry and user tracks to create more complex scenes.

Level 3. Advanced Matchmoving Strategies in PFTrack
Explore advanced strategies of matchmoving in PFTrack and discover the different ways of using geometric models to help you track the trickiest of shots.

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PFClean Course Info

Hosted by Adam Hawkes – PFClean Specialist

Level 1. An Introduction to Film and Video Restoration in PFClean
Learn the fundamentals of PFClean, from importing footage and restoring film and video to exporting in multiple formats.

Level 2. A Closer Look at Film Restoration and Workflows in PFClean
Take a closer look at the repair operations in Workbench, and explore Worklists and Presets to boost your productivity in PFClean.

Level 3. Advanced Film and Video Restoration Tools in PFClean
Discover how to use custom standards and explore using mattes, tracking and curves to further refine your restoration results in PFClean.

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