News: Upcoming features in ZBrush – ZBrush Summit

News: Upcoming features in ZBrush – ZBrush Summit

This past weekend, Pixologic shared some of the features that will be coming in future releases of ZBrush, during ZBrush Summit 2018.  CGChannel has a nice breakdown of the new feature which include a new standard camera, support for folders, and Peel UV plugin. Watch the ZBrush Summit video to see the new features in action.

Here's a First Look into ZBrush Development with Pixologic’s Paul Gaboury & Joseph Drust, from ZBrush Summit 2018.

Here's an excerpt from CGChannel's article, by Jim Thacker:

Pixologic has unveiled some of the features coming up in future releases of ZBrush, including a standard camera with real-world lens properties, folders for grouping SubTools, and a new UV unwrap system.

The new tools were announced at ZBrush Summit, the company’s annual user conference, alongside three new plugins: Intersection Masker, ZColor and Kitco Metal Quotes.

If you are wondering when these new features will be available, there is no word as of yet, unfortunately, although the 3 new plug-ins are available now, for free.

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