News: Videomaker Reviews Boris FX Continuum 11

News: Videomaker Reviews Boris FX Continuum 11

Chris Monlux at Videomaker gives a review and an overview of what’s new in Continuum 11.

Here is an excerpt:

Boris FX Continuum 11 is jam-packed full of useful and innovative plug-ins. This update sees improvements to existing plug-ins along with some strong additions. Depending on the editor you use, the Continuum suite can be as little as 700 bucks or as much as 2,000 for a new license or between 200 and 700 for an annual subscription. For Final Cut and OFX users, a new license for Continuum 11 is 700 bucks. If you are an Adobe user it steps up to 1,000 dollars and Avid users get the big hit of 1,700 dollars. The most costly option is the multi-host version supported by Avid, Adobe, Apple, and OFX for a whopping two grand for a new license or 700 dollars for an annual subscription.

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ContinuumContinuum 11 is an extensive collection of top-notch plug-ins for Adobe, Apple, Avid, and OFX host applications, that gives you the ability to add complex 3D extruded text animations, dynamic 3D particles, lens flares, and more, right in your timeline. The new VR unit is designed for editing and finishing 360°VR video, while Primatte Studio contains all of the features you need for a great key and believable composite. The video restoration tools, and state-of-the-art skin retouching tools will make your footage and actors look first-rate. Top this off with the newly integrated masking and planar tracking Pixel Chooser, powered by Oscar-winning Mocha technology, and you have everything you need for your visual effects or motion design studio.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki