News: VRAYforC4D and CINEMA 4D R18 Compatibility Information

News: VRAYforC4D and CINEMA 4D R18 Compatibility Information

VRAYforC4D Users are advised to hold off on using R18 until a compatibility update, soon to be released.

Important info for VrayforC4D customers – this posted to their User Forum 09/12/16:

  • You can generate a v18 key already via the key update form. the 3.4 betas will load, but current versions aren't yet officially supporting v18. it is recommended to use that only for testing not for real work. for production work please use 3.4 or 1.9b on c4d 17 best.
  • A first v18 compatible3.4 beta is in testing atm and will be released as soon it passes some more testing. we recommend waiting for this. we try to provide a v18 3.4 version this week.
  • Older V-Rays might load on 3.4but aren't officially supporting v18, as they had been made for 17 or older. (old non 3.4 based versions cannot be updated to work on v18) from our testing and experience we recommend also using v17 for some time for production work (best always to wait for the first v18 c4d service pack)

We will update this post when more information is available.

More Info at VRAYforC4D Forum

Posted by Alicia