News: ZBrush Summit 2018 Recap

News: ZBrush Summit 2018 Recap

If you were unable to attend this years ZBrush Summit in September, or if you want to see something you may have missed, Pixologic has a recap of all the fun activities, contests, presentations, news, and more.

Highlights from ZBrush Summit 2018

  • The show, which includes exclusive presentations from over a dozen top tier studios and artists, also provides a number of interactive activities both onsite and online for artists and fans to participate in.
  • The annual ZBrush Live Sculpt-Off kicks off the weekend each year with two dozen talented artists competing for the championship title in both Organic and Hard Surface modeling, the winner taking home a FormLabs Form 2 3D printer and holding the championship title for the year.
  • 2018 also marked the first ever Michelangelo Challenge sponsored by Pixologic, Lenovo, Wacom and Ultimaker where artists were tasked with creating a sculpt out of a digital block of clay in fifteen minutes, the idea being to simulate the subtractive stone sculpting methods of Michelangelo’s era.
  • This year, viewers were able to [get] a glimpse of The ZBrush Podcast being recorded live in between presentations.
  • This year [featured] the debut of much anticipated new ZBrush implementations including a fully functional standard camera, SubTool Folders, a new UV editor ‘Peel UV’ as well as three new plugins.
  • And So Much More.

View the ZBrush Summit 2018 Recap

Watch ZBrush Summit 2018 in its entirety on YouTube

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