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Nobe OmniScope Review by PostPerspective

Nobe OmniScope Review by PostPerspective

Troy Smith at PostPerspective reviews Time in Pixels Nobe OmniScope, powerful, flexible, and high-performing color grading scopes. Troy should know. He has more than two decades of experience as a colorist and online editor, not to mention, he is a founding board member of the Colorist Society Hollywood, a local chapter of the Colorist Society International.

Troy begins his review with how important scopes are to color grading and gives some history of color grading, the types of scopes colorists use, and how software scopes are now the most common. Then, he dives into Nobe OmniScopes 19 scopes and how it works with his current setup.

Recently, to my delight, Time in Pixels released Twin Peaks, which is its version of a Double Diamond display. Twin Peaks makes it very easy to match grades and match shots. In my opinion, the addition of Twin Peaks puts Nobe OmniScope at the top of my list of favorite scopes.

Troy Smith at PostPerspective

timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope

timeinpixels Nobe OmniScope

GPU acceleration, HDR, StreamDeck support

timeinpixels Nobe OmniScopeis a flexible and high-performing set of scopes loaded with powerful features that make color grading easy. Available for various platforms: DaVinci Resolve, Scratch, Premiere Pro & After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, as well as DeckLink, UltraStudio, AJA U-TAP, and more!

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