Premiere Pro CC 13.1 Released with New Features for Editing, Audio, Text

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The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 13.1 brings important new features, such as the Freeform Project Panel and the Rulers and guides. In addition, the Faster mask tracking and ambient audio ducking will definitely be useful.

What’s New for Spring 2019 Premiere Pro 13.1 (NAB Release)


What’s New in the Premiere Pro 13.1 Release

Freeform Project panel

Visually review, organize and storyboard your media. Assemble rough cuts and then drag them right onto your timeline for editing. Learn more

Rulers and guides

New rulers, guides, and grids make sizing and aligning graphics and titles easier. Snap graphics to guides or each other. Color-coded guides ensure consistent positioning for lower thirds and logos, for instance.

Auto Ducking for ambient sound

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Ducking for ambient sound utilizes AI technology to detect dialog or voiceover and automatically adjust background sound. That is, adjustments are keyframed and easy to fine-tune, as well.

Faster mask tracking

Speed up color grading and effects workflows with improved performance for HD, 4K and higher resolution content.

Improved titling tools

All your titling and graphics tools are in the Essential Graphics panel, plus new options like multiple strokes, stroke styling, and background fills. Replace font families in a Motion Graphics template with one click. Learn more

Graphics enhancements

Drag and drop multiple Motion Graphics templates into the Essential Graphics panel. Group shapes and apply masks from the Essential Graphics panel.

View menu

A dedicated View menu consolidates Program Monitor commands, such as magnification and playback performance and new Guides.

Audio efficiency

User-requested improvements include the ability to re-order audio effects and to copy and paste effects across clips and projects.

Performance improvements

Improvements include new 10-bit hardware decoding for smoother HEVC playback on Windows and faster hardware decoding for H.264. In addition, the version brings HEVC on MacOS and RED Metal acceleration.

Frame replacement for decode errors

Instead of replacing problem frames with red frames, they are now replaced with a copy of the adjacent frame.

Shortcut support for non-English keyboards

Shortcuts are automatically mapped to non-English keyboards including German, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, as well as Norwegian.

Image scaling options

Choose between absolute or proportional scaling to maintain correct positioning when reframing or resizing sequences.

Expanded format support

Import native Sony Venice V3 files and 32-bit AIFF audio media along with recently introduced support for ProRes Windows (13.0.2) and ProRes HDR (13.0.2).

To conclude, this is an exciting update!


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Posted by Michele Yamazaki