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REVIEW: Waves Clarity Vx, ProVideo Coalition

REVIEW: Waves Clarity Vx, ProVideo Coalition

Nick Lear of ProVideo Coalition dives into Waves Clarity Vx, Waves new affordable AI dialog noise removal tool. Clarity Vx, a one-knob plugin powered by Waves Neural Networks, rescues audio thought to be too noisy… old, poorly made, hissy, out-of-focus recordings. To explain, Waves trained the AI to differentiate between voices and background noise, using millions of hours of audio samples.

Note: this review covers Clarity Vx, not Clarity Vx Pro.

Waves Clarity Vx vs. iZotope Voice De-Noise

Nick compares Waves Clarity Vx to iZotope Voice De-noise, included in iZotope RX Elements. He includes 5 tests. Listen to the first below.

To point out, Clarity Vx officially supports only Premiere Pro. He did try it in Resolve, and indeed, it worked.

So, did he love Clarity Vx? Who won the shootout between Waves Clarity Vx and iZotope? Read the review to find out!

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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